President, Chief Curator

Jasmine Kranat’s commitment to justice, education, and historical preservation began in London, England after being a victim of an Antisemitic attack. In 2009, she brought her dedication to New Brunswick, marking the start of an academic and professional journey. 

A lawyer by profession, Jasmine’s mission for understanding and justice did not stop there. Currently, she is pursuing her Masters in Technology Law at the University of Ottawa, navigating the intersections of law and technology. 

Jasmine’s impact extends beyond the legal arena; she is the founder of the Atlantic Canada Holocaust Education Foundation. Serving as the Chief Curator of the travelling Holocaust Education Exhibit, Jasmine works to bridge gaps in understanding within the community and has dedicated her time to educating others about the insidious nature of antisemitism. Jasmine focuses on humanizing the Holocaust, she actively engages in the crucial task of providing Holocaust education to students and the wider public. Through innovative approaches, including learning from testimonies, she seeks to personalize the historical narrative. Jasmine emphasizes the profound importance of “never forget,” ensuring that the echoes of history continue through generations.

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