Atlantic Canada Holocaust Education Foundation

Remembering the Past, Educating for the Future


Welcome to the Atlantic Canada Holocaust Education Foundation (ACHEF).

At ACHEF, our unwavering commitment is to preserve the enduring lessons of the Holocaust, ensuring that the stories of survivors and victims serve as a timeless source of inspiration for generations to come.

Our dedication is reflected in the provision of comprehensive Holocaust education. At our core, we firmly believe that understanding the Holocaust is pivotal in fostering empathy, promoting tolerance, countering hate, and combating antisemitism and discrimination.

What We Do

Holocaust Education:

We offer educational programs, resources, and workshops designed to engage students and educators in meaningful discussions about the Holocaust’s historical context and its relevance to contemporary issues.  

Holocaust Education Exhibit:

Our mobile Holocaust Education Exhibit travels across Atlantic Canada, bringing powerful stories and interactive experiences to communities, schools, and events.

Through impactful testimonies, the exhibit humanizes the Holocaust, explores the history of antisemitism and Nazi propaganda, and fosters understanding of contemporary antisemitism. The exhibit addresses the dangers of Holocaust distortion and denial, providing an insightful and comprehensive educational experience. 

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