ACHEF’s Educational Initiatives

At ACHEF, we teach the Holocaust through survivors’ and witnesses’ voices, humanizing their experiences. Our multifaceted approach to Holocaust education, guided by the ‘safely in and safely out’ method, ensures students engage with this history while receiving support and are able to debrief. We also emphasize the history of antisemitism, past and present, recognizing its importance in combating contemporary antisemitism. Through our initiatives, we inspire dialogue, promote tolerance, and actively combat antisemitism and discrimination, fostering a world that values democracy, human rights, and social justice.

Why is it important to learn about the Holocaust?

Understanding the Holocaust is pivotal, as it confronts the aftermath of hatred and Antisemitism, upholds democratic values, emphasizes human rights, and advocates for equality and justice. This exploration involves fostering critical thinking, and raising questions not only about the Holocaust but also about contemporary issues. Learning about the Holocaust is essential for comprehending the impact of propaganda, uncovering the roots of discrimination, antisemitism, and racism. Holocaust education not only illuminates the past but also plays a crucial role in building a more just, compassionate society. It ensures that, as a community, we collectively take responsibility for shaping a better future.

Holocaust Education

Holocaust Education Exhibit

The travelling Holocaust Education Exhibit educates on antisemitism, the Holocaust, the rise of Nazism, including Nazi propaganda and the Final Solution. It also honours the Righteous Among the Nations.

Holocaust Education Workshops

ACHEF provides Holocaust Education workshops for educators, covering the history of Antisemitism, the “safely in, safely out” teaching method, insights into Nazi propaganda, and guidance on integrating testimonies into Holocaust education.

Holocaust Education Resources

Explore our diverse collection of Holocaust Education resources from renowned organizations, spanning elementary to high school levels and catering to the general public.

Lesson Plans

Discover a variety of Holocaust Education lesson plans, featuring offerings from ACHEF alongside recommendations from other organizations. Suitable for all levels, these resources enhance understanding of Antisemitism and the Holocaust.

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