What is the Holocaust Education Exhibit?


The Holocaust Education Exhibit, presented by the Atlantic Canada Holocaust Education Foundation, provides a comprehensive exploration of the Holocaust. The visitors will be guided through the exhibit that covers the history of antisemitism, the rise of Nazism, laws and decrees, Nazi propaganda, global responses, and explores occurrences of antisemitism in Canada and the United States. Further topics include ghettos, concentration camps, uprisings, and the Nuremberg Trials, concluding with stories of the Righteous Among the Nations.

How does the Holocaust Education Exhibit work?

Attendees will be guided through the exhibit by a docent who will provide a comprehensive tour. Each participant is given a curated booklet containing a personal account from an individual who either survived or did not survive the Holocaust. This booklet, intended for use with the exhibit, fosters a profound connection and serves as an educational tool through testimony. Visitors are encouraged to reflect on questions posed in the booklet. Following the exhibit’s conclusion, the visitors are encouraged to offer some written thoughts, whether it is writing down their feelings, newfound knowledge, or any questions that may have arisen.

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Holocaust Education Exhibit

Holocaust Education Exhibit


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