Holocaust Education

Overview of the Holocaust:

The Holocaust stands as one of the darkest and most harrowing chapters in human history. It was a period during World War II when the systematic persecution and extermination of millions of innocent people occurred. This tragic chapter affected numerous groups, including Jews, Romani people, disabled individuals, political dissidents, and many others, who suffered at the hands of the Nazi regime and its collaborators. The Holocaust serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of prejudice, discrimination, and hatred, impacting a broad cross-section of society. It is crucial to study this history to understand the depths of human suffering, the importance of preserving democratic values, human rights, and the principles of equality and justice. By learning about the history of antisemitism and the Holocaust, as well as the persecution of various minority groups, we gain insight into the past and are better equipped to combat antisemitism and all forms of discrimination in the present and future.

Foundation's Educational Initiatives:

At ACHEF, we teach the Holocaust through survivors’ and witnesses’ voices, humanizing their experiences. Our multifaceted approach to Holocaust education, guided by the ‘safely in and safely out’ method, ensures students engage with this history while receiving emotional support. We also emphasize the history of antisemitism, past and present, recognizing its importance in combating contemporary antisemitism. Through our initiatives, we inspire dialogue, promote tolerance, and actively combat antisemitism and discrimination, fostering a world that values democracy, human rights, and social justice.

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