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African Child Health and Education Fund

The African Child Health and Education Fund (ACHEF) is a non-profit making and non-governmental Christian based organization committed to Health and Education of the African Child.

ACHEF is a dream founded by a group of development service providers with a rich experience in the profession, some of whom live in the United States of America while others live in Uganda, with an intention of helping the children of Africa, whose families have mainly been affected by the many misfortunes including the HIV/AIDS scourge and the post independence civil wars that have claimed the lives of their parents, to get a better shot at life. By providing them with an opportunity to attain education and share hope while working with the poor and oppressed children particularly the orphans.

ACHEF aims to promote transformation through integrated holistic commitment to:

  • Community based and sustainable approaches focused especially on the needs of the children.
  • Working towards elimination of unjust structures affecting the vulnerable children among whom the institution works.
  • Helping to give a 'little push', where only that is what is required, to help the African child realise his/her full potential by way of formal education and non-formal training.

About Us

  • Mission

    'To share hope while working with the poor, and oppressed children particularly orphans to promote transformation.....

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  • Vision

    A nation where children can be availed equal opportunities in life and balanced preparation for Adulthood.....

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