Who We Serve

African Child Health and Education Fund (ACHEF) provides hope to those children in society whom, after assessment, we find that they need our kind of assistance. The main selection criterion is the households from which these children come, with those coming from child-headed households as a result of losing parents to HIV/AIDS or war, given priority over others. The other criterion is to work with the local community leaders and other local authorities to identify those who are vulnerable even when they have parents. For a child to be registered in our programme he/she should be of the right age to start attending primary school (i.e age 6 and above), but we continue supporting him/her with all the necessary requirements for as long as he/she is not yet able to sustain him/herself. We also take a lot of interest in the child's academic progress. We follow a simple three step selection procedure:

STEP 1 - The potential beneficiary/his/her guardian applies by filling a form at our office in the area to which a letter of recommendation from the local authorities and/or religious unit in his/her home area is attached.

STEP 2 - Our staff scrutinises the details of the applicant's case as they confirm not only with the local political and religious authorities but also with the school reports if the applicant has been to school before.

STEP 3 - ACHEF signs an agreement with the applicant or the applicant's guardian if the applicant is a minor before undertaking the responsibility over him/her.

Our service is motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ. We serve alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of God's unconditional love for all people. ACHEF serves all children, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender, honouring God in all we do. We believe the resources we receive are a sacred trust from God, through our donors, on behalf of the poor children. We recognize that a charity must be judged not only on its efficient stewardship of funds, but also on its effectiveness in accomplishing its mission. We regularly monitor and evaluate programs to ensure quality and efficiency.