A nation where children can be availed equal opportunities in life and balanced preparation for Adulthood.

ACHEF is a Christian Child Fund that seeks to give equal opportunities to the under privileged children of Uganda. In partnership with other organizations, churches, and local communities, we seek to give a chance to every unfortunate child to get satisfactory preparation for adulthood. Though we do not base our assessment on the child's religious background, we take the initiative to empower the children with Christian values and social morals that are intended to help them lead a responsible adult life.

We also lay strong emphasis on helping the children get access to acceptable standards of health by way of ensuring adequate medical attention, protection from preventable diseases, and providing required nutritional food supplements in order to protect both their body and mind.

Our philosophy is that cultivating a responsible adult citizen depends, almost entirely, on the nature and environment of the child's upbringing. With proper guidance, people grow up with a well positioned desire, ability and hope to occupy certain positions in society. But when this guidance is denied at a tender age, they grow up into desperate adults who are counter productive- a detrimental attitude not only to the nation but to the entire human race. There are also other individuals who, despite having a good beginning, may- for reasons outside their power to control- fail to reach their target especially in education even when they are academically talented.

This is therefore where ACHEF comes in to emphasize increased awareness for a sense of ethical conduct and nationalism, training, education and participatory approaches towards morality with a view that good posterity is a responsibility of everyone. In addition sound physical and mental health is equally emphasized as core values.