Our Mission is:


'To share hope while working with the poor, and oppressed children particularly orphans to promote transformation through integrated holistic commitment'.

ACHEF realizes this philosophy and mission by:

  • Providing a platform for the marginalized members of our society (during childhood) to compete favourably with their less affected counterparts for the resources that guarantee good citizenship when they pass up into roles of adult life.
  • Promoting and facilitating basic education as a fundamental right to all children alike.
  • Facilitating the spiritual and moral guidance of the children to make up for the lost parental guidance.
  • Ensuring good health for the children by way of protecting them against preventable and communicable infections as well as providing nutrition therapy and sufficient medical attention whenever required.
  • Training the children in life support skills to guarantee acceptable standards of living in their communities.
  • Helping the children realize their full potential in sports and other activities.
  • In short, ACHEF is interested in facilitating the development of a child in all aspects of life