Health & Nutrition



ACHEF has identified several threats to child health in Uganda, most of which are preventable. For instance, malaria which claims the highest percentage of illnesses and deaths can be prevented by making sure that children sleep under insecticide treated mosquito nets. The fund, therefore, decided to provide a treated net to every one of its children in program, who may be found to own none or to have one which is no longer effective for protection against mosquito attacks. In case of a malaria attack, the fund also makes sure that the victims get treatment as early as possible.

The fund also decided to promote awareness among youths and children on preventive mechanisms against HIV/AIDS. Not only do we imbue our children and the general population with the principles of living a morally upright life, we also warn them against the dangers of living irresponsibly. Thus our children are brought up knowing the difference.

We also ensure that our beneficiaries and the entire community know the advantages of sanitation and personal hygiene in order to guard against attendant infections. This we do by developing charts that every one can read and also organising sensitisation seminars to that effect. We also call in health experts in different areas in order to help sensitise our beneficiaries in order to make reasoned decisions about their life.

To ensure good nutrition for our beneficiaries, we place them in schools that give them richly nutritive foods during the school term. During holidays we make sure that we provide a balanced diet for those who are in our total care. This is so because we believe that good nutrition is preventive health. Physical exercises, garden work and Christian fellowships and devotions are part of our activities during holidays, since we believe in the total development of the child physically, academically, psychologically and spiritually.