We find education to be an important aspect of one's development at all stages of his/her lifespan, meaning at all times there is something to learn. However it is during childhood that education makes its largest contribution to a person's development. This is why ACHEF does not take education lightly at all. We want to help our beneficiaries solve their education problems as efficiently as we can. This we do by:

  • Undertaking to sponsor children by paying for them school fees and buying for them scholastic materials in schools either of our choice or of our approval.
  • Giving our beneficiaries vocational skills practice which can help them to earn a living in a world where work is the only honourable way of survival.
  • Developing sports and special skills in our beneficiaries so that their talents are not wasted. This we do by placing them with special training institutions in these disciplines
  • Taking the responsibility to inculcate in them important Christian values and principles which help them to live responsible meaningful lives.