About Us



ACHEF is a Christian religious faith based organisation with an intention to work with all those who need our support in Uganda as far as our resources can allow.

Our ministry is located among the socio-economically deprived children, where poverty is a reality. Besides providing school fees to attain formal education, we are involved in supporting integrated community development programmes aimed at training children with life support skills for better living standards in income generating activities such as, carpentry and joinery, Motor vehicle mechanics, agriculture, catering, development of talent in sports, or placing the children in our programme in any such institution that can help them develop their skills and sharpen their talents.

ACHEF currently operates in areas that are within a radius of 50 kilometres from the head offices in Kampala city, with hope to extend services to other areas if more funding is secured. Not only are these some of the areas with high percentages of vulnerable children, but also do not get adequate attention from most other NGOs due to their proximity to the centre. Thus these areas are largely but wrongly assumed to be better off than their counterparts further away from the city centre. Another reason for initially operating in these areas is that ACHEF has already got established networks there, and can thus monitor operations better there than anywhere else until the budget allows expansion of operations to other areas.